Reviewing Wake Up Now at Smackerel

Wake Up Now

So your probably on this page because you are curious about the Wake Up Now opportunity.

Am I right?  Well take a deep breath, and brace yourself.  Because what I am about to tell you might disturb you to the core.

Especially if you have already joined this supposed incredible opportunity.

Wake Up Now Reps beware!

I consider myself an expert when it comes to choosing the right company to join.  There are a few things I look for before making the plunge and coming aboard the right company.

I have a checklist I refer to when recommending certain companies, but once I did a little research into Wake Up Now, I realized that this checklist did not matter right off the bat!

The reason for this is… Brace yourself, this company is in MASSIVE DEBT!

Meaning, that it is on it’s way down and may not even be here by the time you read this article.  Granted, I like to give all companies the benefit of the doubt by saying that I guess it IS possible to make a turn around.  But to be honest, if you are in the business of building a long lasting residual income, taking a chance on this company is just not worth the risk.

Here is a hyped up video that gives new reps the false sense of security to intice them into a futile opportunity such as Wake Up Now.

As you can see, it promises vast riches, typically with little to no work.  Unfortunately, it just isn’t going to cut it for most people.  In fact, the success rate of the reps even NOW are far less than the typical rep in most other mlm companies out there.  Now it’s impossible to tell if this is the reason why the company as a whole is doing so poorely, but really… At the end of the day, the reason why it is in debt should not matter.

I imagine it is because of the management of corporate, but one may never know the real reason why it is this way.

Wake Up Now

So what gives?  Can you make money in this industry?  I am happy to say that yes you can.  There is a resource that I stumbled upon that can make all the difference.  If you’d like you can go ahead and find more information about this company by visiting this guys blog.  So check out the Wake Up Now review at

Get busy, take action, and we will see you behind the light at the end of the tunnel!